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Why to buy a real-leather wedding album - Relationships - Weddings

Why to buy a real-leather wedding album   by Sophia Guggenheimer

in Relationships / Weddings    (submitted 2010-06-30)

When buying your wedding album, you will have to make the choice whether to go for real leather or faux leather (leatherette). The price difference can be substantial and you might ask yourself: "Is it worth it". This article tries to give the answer.

The feeling

While faux leather optically looks very similar to real leather, the main difference can be found in the feeling of the album when you hold it in your hands. A leather wedding album has simply a better feeling to it. Leather is a natural material and your hands appreciate that. This is not to say that a faux leather wedding album does not feel nice, a real leather wedding album simply feels nicer.

The smell

Believe it or not, a real leather wedding album smells better. Faux leather is fairly neutral regarding the smell, so when you give your wedding album a good sniff, you will notice the smell of glue and paper. A real leather album has a slightly more interesting whiff of animal skin. This adds to the slightly more special appeal of a real leather wedding album.

The weight

Real leather is heavier than faux leather. Your wedding album will be more heavy if bound in real leather. The weight is important, since a heavy wedding album seems more precious and valuable as an object than a light if not to say flimsy wedding album. The weight of your wedding album however can be increased by other means, for example the page strength.

The looks

As I wrote before, faux leather looks almost the same as real leather. Almost, but not quite! A real leather wedding album still looks just a tiny little bit nicer and more elegant.

In conclusion

At the end, it depends where your priorities are regarding your wedding album. If you want to have the best wedding album you can possibly get, then go for real leather. If you want a nice wedding album on a limited budget, faux leather is good enough. If you think that thick pages are more important than the cover, go for a faux leather wedding album with heavy pages. In general, I would say that the extra money for real leather is worth it. Still, a faux leather wedding album can perfectly suit your needs.