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Wedding Video Making Tips - Hobbies - Photography

Wedding Video Making Tips   by Xnleague

in Hobbies / Photography    (submitted 2012-10-22)

Love and marriage are significant things for everyone. The wedding is also a witness to the sacred and romantic moments. How to keep this moment? How to increase the romantic atmosphere of the wedding scene? For recalling every step of our love, making a warm movie is very feasible. Simple photos, video clips or writings of daily life, through the simple edit method can make the couple's story more romantic, the wedding more touching, the memories more sweet.

I just attended a wonderful wedding of my best friend. They asked me to record the whole wedding process by dv. I have some experiences for the wedding video making, so, here, I'd like to share you some tips. Hope the rookies can get some useful information from here.

To record the whole wedding process, you must grasp the general flow of the wedding video and make some preparations in advance. No matter in the bride's house or in the groom's family, you should grasp every interesting and warm moment in your dv. Then the way they go to the church. Finally, the most important step is the sacred wedding in the church. Of course, different country has different wedding customs. You can record the important scene according to your wedding process. What you should pay attention to is the scene and lens connection, you shouldn't miss the precious lens.

Before the wedding, you should make all the preparations such as the recording tool, battery, tripod and so on. You must stand in a favorable place so that you can get the best lens and screen. Except for the materials, you should also learn some video recording skills. For example, the principal should be prominent. Some people maybe will make this kind of error. They took a lot of the blessings of family and friends, the lively fleet scene, but only shot the scene of the bride and groom in their ceremony, few other lens! In fact, the bride and groom is the wedding's protagonist. Please do not misplace!

Well. After the wedding, we should talk about the recorded videos. If you recorded videos by dv camcorder, the stored video files could be in dv format. No matter when you want to watch the videos on computer or would like to make these videos into dvd, you must make dv conversions. Here we recommend league-soft Video Converter for mac as a professional video converting tool if you are a mac user. It could convert you record videos to any common video format you want on mac at ease.

Especially for the iDevices users, if you recorded the wedding videos by your iphone or ipad and need to watch them on your windows computer or for dvd use, you can choose to convert mov to mpeg with this program. No matter for video converting requirements or for video editing demand, this mac mov to mpeg converter will reach what you want.

With above tips and advices, I guess you have got some information for wedding video making. If you have some smart suggestions, you can also share with us for better improvement. Our common destination is to record the beautiful weddings as a permanent memory.

About the author:

If you want to know more about the wedding video making tips or if you have some good suggestions, please don't hesitate to tell me. If you want to get more information about the video converting guide, you can also refer to convert mpg to mov, or convert mpg to flv.