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Wedding in India - Give the best value for the best package in India Wedding - Travel

Wedding in India - Give the best value for the best package in India Wedding.   by Sumit Singh

in Travel    (submitted 2009-01-09)

Are you getting married next year? Have you planned your wedding venue yet? Choose India as your wedding venue and absorb the ultimate fun of the exotic locales. Your India Wedding and Wedding in India would be the most memorable event of your life!

India is a blend of culture and religion. This land's diversity and uniqueness can be witnessed in the various Indian wedding rituals. This endless merry-making occasion during Indian weddings is something you can not miss. Not only is the rituals remain etched in the memory of the bride and the groom, but everyone who attends the wedding party enjoys their hearts out.

The different parts of India follow different rituals and customs during their wedding. The Indian rituals are a set of ceremonies that are passed on from one generation to another. These rituals signify a happy married life ever after. This auspicious event is accompanying by colorful attires, well decorated mandaps, flowers, lights, music and dance. Indian weddings are specially distinguished by bright colors like red, orange, golden, maroon and violet and flowers like marigold, carnations, gerberas, orchids and roses.

The kind of wedding depends on the culture and religion of the bride and the groom. The various types of Indian weddings in the country are:

Punjabi Wedding

Telugu wedding

Hindu Wedding

Jain wedding

Jewish Wedding

Oriya Wedding

Tamil Wedding

Sikh Wedding

Sindhi Wedding

Parsi wedding

Kannada Wedding

Marwari Wedding

Bengali Wedding

Kashmiri wedding

Buddhist wedding

Muslim Wedding

Gujarati Wedding

Christian Wedding

Malayalee Wedding

Maithil Brahmin Wedding

Maharashtrian Wedding

You can choose from a range of exotic wedding locations in India like the wildlife Sanctuaries, on mountains, and in temples. Choosing the perfect location is the first step get make your wedding special.

The next factor to consider is the wedding preparations. India wedding and wedding in India is remembered for years to come. For that you need to make the preparations for the wedding perfect. A huge amount of planning is needed prior the auspicious day. Right from inviting guests to the wedding dress and jewelleries- an Indian wedding involve a lot of reparations.

The steps you need to follow to make your Indian wedding perfect are:

1.Deciding the venue

2.Booking the caterer and florist

3.Preparing a wedding budget

4.Getting invitation cards made

5.Selecting the music and gifts


After getting all these things in place, your job of getting the wedding done becomes easy. The ceremonies that are generally followed by most if the Indian weddings are:

Mehendi ceremony

Sangeet ceremony

The pheras

Exchanging of Garlands



To make your wedding all the more special, various wedding planners choose various wedding themes. These wedding themes can be either traditional or ultra modern. The Indian wedding themes are planned according to the venue and budget. Some of the wedding themes are royal, fantasy and romantic. These themes are reflected in the home décor, attires of the bride and groom and also the rituals.