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Wedding Favors - From Edible Eco-Friendly Candles Soap To Pewter Favors - Society

Wedding Favors - From Edible, Eco-Friendly, Candles, Soap To Pewter Favors   by Jnet

in Society    (submitted 2009-09-21)

Wedding favors, small gifts given to guests at most weddings, symbolizes thanks and appreciation from the wedding couple. They are sort of small memento to also remind the guests of the wedding. Wedding favors come in various types, styles and themes. When shopping for such items, one should keep in mind that favors doesn't need to be expensive. Attempting to go all out is certainly fine, but it not necessary at all. The thing is, they are meant to remind the guests about the event as well as show appreciation for sharing a precious time.

Wedding favors are among the things that are quite frustrating to decide to. With so many great choices to choose from, finding what's best can make any head spin. Depending on the couple's taste, a wedding favor can be something edible, eco-friendly, made of candle or soap, or pewter.

Edible Wedding Favors

Edible wedding favors are an informal type of favor that usually work best during backyard weddings. Edible treats such as chocolates, candies, mints, cookies and jams are among the most popular edible choices a couple can give at their wedding. Favor boxes and bags are usually the containers for these edible treats. A couple may either make their own edible favors at home or buy ready-made edible favors at a store.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

Many couples nowadays opt to go green for their wedding. Eco-friendly weddings normally eliminate some wedding items that are not organically-made and replace them with eco-friendly ones. Eco-friendly wedding favors are one of the best ideas to go green. They can be potted plants, seed packets, or anything that shows care to the environment.

Soap Or Candles Wedding Favors

No doubt, soap and candle wedding favors are among the favorite favors that many weddings usually given out. Soaps and candles come in different styles and shapes. They can also be fun. The couple can make their own soap or candle favors at home or purchase wherever they want to. One can never go wrong with votive candles, as well as

Pewter Wedding Favors

Pewter wedding favors are great suggestions for formal weddings. Usually come in silver, pewter favors can be as elegant as other silver spoons, knives and other dishes on each table setting. Wonderful choices of pewter favors includes picture frames, wine stoppers, paper weights, bottle openers, mini wedding bells and so on.

Wedding favors are available both in local and online market. Any couple will surely find the best wedding favors whatever wedding they want to plan. From traditional wedding favor boxes filled with sweet candies to unique and playful ones, there are actually lots of variety to choose from. Many opt to shop online as they find it more convenient, plus there's an endless option to find there compared with shopping at a local store. Online wedding supplies, from invitations, favors, decorations, wedding bubbles to etc. - thousands of online stores could offer to engaged couples. It's all up to the couple on what favors and which website they want their items to buy from.