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The Death of the Wedding Video

Let's face it. Trying to plan and pay for a wedding in this economy can be scary and disappointing. Couples are having to trim, cut and rework their budgets in order to have the event of their dreams without going broke. Unfortunately, one of the first budget items getting cut is the wedding video. Between 2007 and 2008 spending on a wedding video has declined a significant 25%.*

Many see a video as an unnecessary luxury that couples can do without. But are couples (You) eliminating this item before giving serious consideration to the consequences?

Picture it. The excitement and flurry of activity surrounding the wedding is over. Everyone has gone home, your spectacular gown is packed away, the invitations are in the trash, the limousine is parked in a garage, the flowers have wilted, the cake has been eaten, and you have come back from your honeymoon.

This is usually the moment when a bride and groom realize that they barely remember what happened at their wedding because you were so nervous, excited and stressed about everything going just right. So, now is your chance to finally relax and enjoy your special day. "Pop in the video!"

Can you feel the disappointment when you realize that you cut the wedding video to save money?

You will NEVER again wear that perfect gown that was so difficult to find and cost a large part of your budget. But with a wedding video you could have watched herself, over and over, walking down the aisle, looking like you just stepped off the cover of Bride Magazine.

You will never again be able to create that unique piece of family history where relatives came together for a unique purpose. But with a wedding video you could have shared your special day with family members who couldn't be there...like your children and grandchildren.

You went to great lengths to plan and create a spectacular, once-in-a-life time event that you can, now, scarcely remember. But with a wedding video you would have been able to relive your most special day, while being able to appreciate and enjoy all the beauty and pageantry that you worked so hard to create.

You can't afford NOT to have a wedding video, simply because you can't afford it. There are several ways to get around the cost of a video and still have a visual record of one of the most important days of your life:

** Ask friends or family to volunteer to capture the event (this can be their wedding gift to you)