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Seven Reasons You Should Buy a Wedding Album

Most people would agree that it's important to have memories of your wedding day, but not everyone agrees about the form those memories should take. In this digital age, we have more options than ever. Some people think it's just fine to have only a CD or a video of their wedding. These things have their place, but nothing compares to an actual physical album. Below are seven reasons why you should have a hard copy of your wedding album:

An album protects your priceless wedding pictures.

People who have all their wedding photos stored on a laptop or a CD often lose their precious memories. CDs can be easily scratched or broken, and all hard drives crash at some point. This can be devastating when the only copy of your wedding photos is stored there. Besides that, people steal laptops every day-- no one steals other people's wedding albums.

Albums give you something to show friends and family.

It is much easier to show your wedding album than it is to fire up a computer and search for your pictures every time you want to show them to someone. If the wedding package your photographer gave you only included a CD or a DVD, print out the pictures and display them in a wedding photo album for everyone to see.

Wedding photo albums make it simpler to access your photographs.

Pictures that are stored on computers and CDs are often never looked at. Even though it may not take very long to locate them, it just seems like a big pain to a lot of people. It is also not very easy to find a specific picture on a computer. They are usually not very well organized, so you may have to search through hundreds to find the one you are looking for. In addition, because the pictures are not in a beautiful album, they are easily forgotten about.

A wedding photo album is important for your children and future generations.

Your children and grandchildren will want to know what you looked like on your wedding day, but you may not think to show them if your pictures are stored on a CD. A wedding album gives them something they can pull out on their own and look at, and it gives you something to pass down to future generations.

An album is something you can touch and feel.