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How Much Helps iPad and iPhone To a Wedding Albums - Relationships - Weddings

How Much Helps iPad and iPhone To a Wedding Albums   by Waderr

in Relationships / Weddings    (submitted 2011-11-18)

The iPad and iPhone is a joy to be caught up in the wedding whirlwind. Emotions run high and you have no clue of what's happening around you! However, don't be clueless when it comes to choosing the right kind of wedding album, for that will be the only memory of your wedding day for the rest of your life. The iPad is the latest entry into the wedding photography world as an alternative to the traditional album, which helps you to combine your photos and videos into a wedding album. A traditional wedding album cannot give you this seamless transition.

Basic features of the iPad wedding album

For those who are new to the iPad, it can be described as a personal computer. It is slightly larger than the iPhone (9.5x7.4x0.5 inches) and weighs around 1.5 pounds or 680 grams. It comes in 8GB, 32GB and 64GB memory packages. It roughly translates the capacity to store thousands of photos along with your wedding videos. You can even edit the photos in your iPad with apps. It can be connected to the internet on computer. You can create slide shows of your wedding photos using in built or downloaded apps and carry it around in your bag to show it to your loved ones. It definitely looks lot and more cool compared to a bulky mass of bound sheets with printed photos.

Difference between the traditional and iPad wedding album

Apart from the cliched size difference and bulkiness, there are various aspect differences between the iPad wedding album and traditional wedding album.

iPad album: A good photo is the one that looks crisp and clear. The back light from the iPad renders the photos vivid. The photos can be stored in high resolution and can be zoomed in for better view. You can view it in the dark too! The photos can be made into a musical video in a storybook style. Once done with the album, you are just a touch away from the wedding videos.

Traditional wedding album: The photos cannot be zoomed. You obviously cannot look through the photos in dark. In addition, if you want to watch the videos, that's a whole different story. You probably have to pack up the album, stow it away in a safe place.

iPad album: There is no space drawback in the iPad wedding album. This means you can select ALL the wedding pictures and do not have to leave out any photograph due to lack of space in the album. Thus, with the iPad, there is no compromise in the number of photos, or rather precious memories, to be included in your album. Since there is no 'selection' involved, your album designing process becomes rather easy as you can do it as many times as you please until it is perfect. Even the groom would enjoy putting the pictures together!

iPad album: One photo at a time with absolutely no detail imbibing constraint. You enjoy the moments at your own pace, giving the brain enough time to process the details of the photo. You might actually appreciate the photographer's effort and creativity, this way!

You are actively aware of what you are looking at. This way you tend to go through the iPad wedding album more frequently and relive the joy over and over again. Albums are not for dust collection in the attic, but something to be viewed plenty of times to keep the memory of your special day alive. If you are already married, try to switch to the iPad Wedding planning Album for convenience and plethora of other features. Alternatively, to get the iPad wedding album for your wedding, visit the Montreal Photographer.