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Flush Mount Wedding Albums Vs Traditional Wedding Albums

Flush mounted wedding albums have not been around for a long time, but they are here to stay. They offer a lot of advantages over traditional albums, which more than justifies the higher prices that photographers usually charge for them. This article is trying to give an overview over what exactly makes flush mount wedding albums more special and why you should not settle for less.

More spectacular and original design

Flush mounted albums are digital albums, designed on the computer in so called "magazine-style", which gives your album designer a lot of possibilities. Whereas a traditional album forces the designer to work with photos attached to a single-colored piece of paper, there are virtually no limits to the design of a flush mount album. This is because each double spread is designed on the computer and then printed on a SINGLE large photo. So, the limits to the wedding album design are not set by the way the album is made, but by Photoshop (or any other software the designer might be using).

More impressive way of presenting photos

Flush mounted wedding albums have thick pages that will not bend. The photos fill the whole page. There are no margins at the edges of the pages or in the fold in the middle. This allows to present photos in a far more spectacular way of than possible with a traditional album. Traditional albums limit the designer to use comparatively small photos that will at most fill one page (with margins at the edges). Also, in flush mount albums the designer can use photos that stretch over the full width of a double-page spread. For example, group shots of the whole wedding party look stunning when presented that way.

Better suited as storybook wedding albums

An album that tells a story revives the memories of the big day more vividly and is more interesting to read. Flush mount albums make great storybook wedding albums. On a traditional album it is somewhat difficult to add nice looking text. One could write or print text next to the individual photos, but it is very hard to compose text and picture in a stylish way. Flush mount albums make this task much easier. The text can be put wherever the designer chooses, next to photos or on top of them, in whatever font-style and color he or she wants. In flush mount wedding albums it is common to print the transcript of whole speeches, maybe with a photograph of the speaker put in the background.