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Finding Wedding Service Providers for Your Special Day

Weddings... Generally a happy event, anticipated by many, and forever remembered. However for most people, the organisation of the wedding can often be challenging at some stage. Just think of all that has to be arranged: venue, caterer, photographer, celebrant, transport, flowers, and that's just the start!

Establishing a base line of key criteria for what you want for your special day is critical before getting on your horse for the search for the right provider. For example, do you want a venue that is part of a function centre that does both venue and catering? Do you want a religious or secular celebrant? What is your overall budget, and what are you willing to forego? The right preparation will then make it easier to start searching for wedding service providers.

Unless you already know who you will be selecting, you will probably jump to a search engine and madly start searching for "wedding venue" or "civil celebrant" to review the dozens of options available. Then comes the all-consuming part - emailing and ringing up your shortlist to go through with each one what your requirements are, so that they can estimate a quote. Finally, after weeks of communication, you settle on your choices. Sounds like hard work - am I right?

Horror stories are sometimes heard about massive over-quoting by transport / limo providers. Not only must attention be paid to the cost of the service, but the reputation of service providers is a must. Do you really want your wedding caterer staff to be fifteen year-old teenagers? (Obviously some people may be fine with that, but for others, that can be a quick eliminator of options).

Wedding photographers can have a wide range of costs associated with their services. Obviously the duration of the wedding is a factor, but other considerations should be whether you can keep digital copies, and whether video is shot.