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Fairytale Weddings in Italy - Relationships - Weddings

Fairytale Weddings in Italy   by The Italian Wedding Event

in Relationships / Weddings    (submitted 2012-04-17)

Who says fairytales don't come true?

Tell that to the three Libyan refugees who arrived in Italy with a surprise twist to find love and marriage a year later! Ok, so maybe they don't happen everyday, but anyone who has always dreamed of their big day can certainly organize their own fairytale Wedding in Italy. The number of magical venues are countless, from Medieval castles and towers, to noble villas and palaces. The preserved environments of the history long past lend themselves perfectly for a Renaissance or Royal Ball-themed wedding for the true Cinderellas at heart. In a country that played such an important part in world history, there are countless locations and events that can inspire couples of today for their own weddings.

Perhaps the costume is a bit much? Well one can always pay homage to their host country's past without the whole get-up by incorporating local traditions in their ceremony. Couples can include musical ensembles that play a classic repertoire of the local music, offer typical wedding favors and traditional cuisine to their guests. The choice of Wedding Services in Italy can have a great effect on the whole look and feel of your ceremony abroad. Sure the location is important, but the attention to details is what really adds that local flavor and creates authentic environments for your event. Let the various elements reflect your personality as much as the local surroundings and traditions for a truly unforgettable dream wedding!

No matter what your Wedding Location in Italy might be, you are sure to find spectacular landscapes that vary from region to region. For amazing beach panoramas, you could consider the Amalfi Coast or Riviera. The historic art cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice boast the most renowned monuments of Italy's past. And the rolling hills and vineyards of the Tuscan countryside are breathtaking for those who are looking to get out of the beaten paths and experience an authentic slice of Italian tastes. Each region is so unique, and one more beautiful than the next, offering a its own perspective of this country and certainly the most incredible backdrops for any wedding album! As far as your eyes can see, you will encounter breathtaking panormas and testaments of this country's long story through time.

Dreams can come true, and even if you have never been to Italy, or don't speak the language, not to worry!