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DIY Wedding Video

The valuable wedding day moments that happens once in your life must be preserved in a video tape. If your budget does not permit you to engage a professional wedding videographer, you can always have an alternative in the form of DIY (Do It Yourself) wedding video production.

You can always find a friend, relative or a film student, who is capable of handling digital video camera which is also known as camcorder. Camcorder is capable of providing you superior quality video. In case you do not have such a camera you should find one from someone who has one. Although your friend or relative may not be able to provide the quality of video a professional videographer would give, if some of the basics are followed they can capture your important wedding moments. Apart from a professional grade camera or a digital camera you should have wireless microphones, video mixer, tripod and a micro disc recorder or digital capture device to backup sound; wireless microphones will capture sounds such as the wedding vow you exchange. The tripod can be used for the additional video camera which may be placed in a most eventful place.